Caring for your Bavarian Butterfly


Bavarian Butterfly thrives in normal potting compost. To ensure good drainage, a little sharp sand can be added to the compost before planting. The root ball should never be allowed to dry out completely, but neither does Bavarian Butterfly like standing with its feet in water.

Plants planted in a pot, container or bowl will need regular watering. Make sure there is a drainage hole in the bottom of the container. Avoid getting the flowers wet when watering: water the soil, not the plant.


Bavarian Butterfly uses up a lot of energy to produce its magnificent blooms, so a little plant food now and again – preferably once a fortnight – doesn’t go amiss, particularly for plants in pots, bowls and containers. Special plant food for flowering plants (indoor and outdoor) is available from garden centres. If the plant is cut back once or twice and fed regularly, it will flower from the second half of March until long into the summer.

Cutting back

Once the plant has flowered very profusely and flowering is coming to an end, cut it back to a third of its height. In around three weeks it will come back even stronger and will flower again just like before. It can be cut back once more, in mid-August at the latest. Your Bavarian Butterfly may then even flower right through until the autumn. Step-by-step instructions for cutting back Bavarian Butterfly are provided below.

How to cut back perfectly in 7 steps

Step 1:

Once Bavarian Butterfly has been planted out, it can be cut back in mid-June after the first flush of flowers.

Step 2:

Cut the plant back by two-thirds with secateurs.

Step 3:

Only the bottom part with the green leaves remains.

Step 4:

Also trim back the side stems slightly. This will encourage the plant to send out fresh, new shoots.

Step 5:

If Bavarian Butterfly is in a pot, this is a good time to add fresh compost. Press the compost down gently around the plant.

Step 6:

Add plant food to the water as per the instructions on the product label and water well.

Step 7:

After around three weeks Bavarian Butterfly will come into its own again with a magnificent new display.