The ideal spot

 The ideal spot

The best spots for planters, tubs and pots filled with brightly coloured Bavarian Butterfly are by the front door, on steps and in the front garden, particularly if there is some shelter such as a porch. They can be placed in full sun, but Bavarian Butterfly also thrives in semi shaded areas or where it’s even more shady.

When planting Bavarian Butterfly in borders or beds, make sure to leave enough space between this plant and the surrounding ones. The pretty, feathery foliage needs to be able to dry quickly after rain or watering. If the wind can’t get to the plant, it won’t dry out in time and may become diseased, so it needs plenty of room.



Butterfly orchids are much more robust than actual orchids. As descendants of the wild poor man’s orchids that grow on the Chilean mountain plateaus, they can tolerate considerable fluctuations in temperature, even down to as low as -7°C.

Planted outside in a container, pot or planter, they herald in the spring as early as the second half of March and are not bothered by late night frosts. Flowering so profusely and so early in the season, Bavarian Butterfly is sure to bring every garden lover out of their winter hibernation.

As an ornamental plant with strong colours, the butterfly orchid has recently found favour as an excellent addition to the rustic cottage garden.